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NOTE: Unfortunately our landline is currently down, we are working with Telstra to get it back up.

Find us on the Gold Coast at two great locations. 
Our first ever store can be found in Ashmore admist some unlikely neighbours. This little espresso bar will scratch your itch, whether it is brunch with friends, a coffee on the way to work, or a virtual world tour of coffee producing nations.

The roastery and flagship store is located in Labrador, and you can't miss it! 

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Our Coffee

We are proud to offer a variety of coffees from across the globe, all ethically sourced so the farmers reap due rewards from their hard work. 

We roast a traditional blend, fantastic for pairing with milk and espresso, though we love it black as well! 

All our single origins are roast in a unique fashion, only known by a few roasters world wide. This style results in a light roast that hasn't hit first crack, yet is fully developed. Coffee roast in this fashion will continue to mature as it ages, tasting better in a year than it did two weeks after roast.