Professional Barista Masterclass - By Dan Smith

We have trained some amazing barista’s from around the world

Who is Dan?

Dan is the founder of First Fruits Coffee on the Gold Coast. He is the joint operator, along with his wife Anna, who oversee 3 cafe’s on the Gold Coast.

First Fruits has begun opening cafe’s in Japan and Dan is responsible for Quality Control across FF internationally. Not just the Barista’s but also the Roasting and Green Bean supply.

This is some of the highest level coffee training in the world

8 weeks of intensive coffee training

DanSmith Army.jpg

Dan Started FF Coffee shortly after leaving the Army in 2014.

He served for 2 years including a Tour of Afghanistan in 2010 on Mentoring Task Force One.

“During my Military career I learnt to apply systems and controls. This has served me well in coffee as the complexity is amazing and these controls are needed to ensure consistency.”

not many people in the world can boast they know this about coffee

8 weeks of intensive coffee training


The Master Class

Dan has designed a Master Class not only for people wanting to make coffee professionally but for people wanting to start their own cafe.

“This industry is difficult and I often wonder how we have made it so far. I have developed rules, tips and strategies to ensure that you will succeed in such a dynamic industry.”

Do you want to start your own cafe?
Dan Smith Barista

Whats the deal?

10 hours a week

8 weeks

Full Course Program

64 hours Min of in cafe practice time

20 hours of in house instruction taught by Dan

Intentional instruction on how to start and maintain a profitable cafe