We basically make everything in house at our Labrador Store.

Please come into both our stores and have some complimentary sparkling or still water.

Bagel Toppers

Salmon & Avocado 17 - Smoked salmon over cream cheese & topped with avocado

Pulled Pork 17 - Pulled pork with our signature bourbon barbeque sauce topped with apple slaw

Sliced Avocado (VG) 14 - Topped with dukkah, crushed macadamias and lemon

Basalmic Tomato with Basil (VG) 14 - Diced tomatoes, balsamic and basil topped with almond feta

Lemon Blueberry (V) 14 - Lemon curd and cream cheese blend topped with blueberry compote

GF = Gluten Free, V = Vegetarian, VG = Vegan

*Although we strive to make our dishes available for various dietary needs, please be aware that there are non gluten free and non-vegan items cooked and prepared on the premises.

Gluten Free Bagel +1

Quick Eats

Bacon and Egg Bagel 10 - Locally sourced bagel filled with: bacon, baked egg, swiss, parmesan, spinach with herb aioli and house made BBQ sauce

*Only a limited number available daily*

Bircher Muesli (V) 9.5 - Oats slowly steeped in cold pressed apple juice with macadamias, almonds, cranberries & coconut. Served with greek yogurt, mixed berries, toasted coconut and seeds

Fruit Toast (VG) 3.5 one slice 5.5 two slices

Bagel & Cream Cheese (VG options) 7

Hot Drinks

We usually have 3 different coffees available at each of our cafes on espresso and filter. We change our coffee regularly see our shop to see what Single Origins we have going at the moment. We also have a range or specialty tea’s as well as juice, organic soda, kombucha and water.

Small $4 - Large $4.5 - Filter $6

When we began we asked ourselves if a customer walked into the kitchen and knew everything that was happening would they be okay with it and if they wouldn’t should we be doing it. We have broken away from the Gold Coast trend of ordering in most food items and reheating them.

We even smoke our own chicken for our sandwiches