Our Coffee

Coffee is a fruit, or more acurately the seed of a fruit. Like all fruit, each has its own inherent flavour and characteristics. Our goal is to produce delicious coffee that highlights the natural flavours in the bean, and honours the hard work of the farmers at origin. 

Coffee is a fruit

We roast all our coffee in one of two styles: 
Our Crowd Pleaser blend is a fully developed, medium roast, that pairs well with milk in your favourite latte or flat white. You'll notice a full body, with notes of caramel and sweet fruit. 

Our single origin coffees are roast in a unique style practiced by very few people globally. While being fully developed and delicious, each roast is stopped before first crack. The result is a fully sealed bean that ages phenomenally! We have tried beans roast this way that are over a year old, and the flavour is out of this world. 

Our coffee comes from all over the world

Hopefully this has piqued your interest, so why not head on to our shop and try some for yourself!

We are proud to offer a variety of coffees from across the globe, all ethically sourced so the farmers reap due rewards from their hard work. 

We roast a traditional blend, fantastic for pairing with milk and espresso, though we love it black as well! 

All our single origins are roast in a unique fashion, only known by a few roasters world wide. This style results in a light roast that hasn't hit first crack, yet is fully developed. Coffee roast in this fashion will continue to mature as it ages, tasting better in a year than it did two weeks after roast.