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We love training

Thank you for visiting our training page. Our aim is to educate as many people as possible in the complexity of coffee.

The Gold Coast is one of the most saturated cafe markets in Australia and allows for multiple opportunities for employment in this wonderful industry.

Coffee is incredible and complex one you start to look into it further. Lets journey together!

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Some of the highest level coffee training in the world!!

Upcoming courses

We can boast of some of the highest quality coffee training in the world. We pride ourselves on our training and aim to move our students onto meaningful employment in the cafe and coffee industry

Introduction to Espresso- Level 1 - 14th October 6pm


The Intro to Espresso course give participants the skills and knowledge to understand the basics of espresso, milk texturing and espresso machine care. This course is offered at our Ashmore location. Participants will have access to the latest equipment and personal training from one of our course trainers. The Intro to Espresso course is a 4 hour course This course covers:

  • The history of Coffee

  • Using an Espresso Machine

  • Dialing in the grind

  • Basic milk texturing

  • Closing an Espresso Machine

and more!

Course begins at 6pm on the 31st of August at our Espresso Bar - 149 Cotlew St Ashmore

Group discounts available call Dan - 0431631580

Only 4 people per course Instructor Dan Smith Owner FF Coffee.

Latte art and Milk Texturing - 28 Oct - 6pm

Milk Texturing and Fundamentals of Latte Art

This course is perfect for those who wish to hone their skills with a steam wand. Learn how to texture milk perfect for latte art and learn the fundamentals behind the latte art culture. Participants will have access to start of the art equipment and tuition from one of our top trainers.

Course Duration: 4 Hours

Class Size: 4 people

It is recommended that participants complete our Intro to Espresso course prior to attempting the Intro to Milk texturing and Fundamentals of Latte Art course.

Course begins at 6pm on the 28th of October at our Espresso Bar - 149 Cotlew St Ashmore

Group discounts available call Dan - 0431631580

Home Barista Course - Espresso - 24th October 6pm
29.00 40.00

Ever been annoyed that you can’t make coffee at home as good as your local First Fruits Store??

We are dropping all our secrets on our Home Barista Course.

You will learn how we make espresso recipes and we will set up your coffee machine to run it to reach maximum flavor.

There are only 10 spaces on the night

We will provide you with Milk and Coffee to practice with and you’ll make at least 30-40 coffee’s on the night to get your skillz down pack.

We will also be offering 20% off our retail coffee on the night. This is the only time we ever reduce the price of our retail coffee.

Would love to see you there. If you have any questions please call Dan - 0437631580

It’s important to book in so you don’t miss out. If you want to pay in store, no worries, just give me a call and we can arrange your booking.

Cya soon

Course starts at 6pm

Cupping & Sensory Development - 19th October

This course gives insight into how coffee roasters, baristas and Q graders test and evaluate coffee. You will learn how to taste coffee using methods taught by our Head Roaster - Dan Smith.

Teaching Points

1. Cupping introduction

2. Learning the cupping protocols

3. Cup different coffees and evaluate

4. Taste the same coffee as espresso and learn the difference

Can’t wait to show you the depth of coffee. This course would be a great present for family or friends and there needs be no prior learning. It may be a great course to complete before doing one of our barista modules or if you just want to develop your sensory skills.

Cupping is the wine tasting of coffee, and in this course we will teach you how to truly appreciate the coffee that we all take for granted. Not simply a cupping course, this will take you through the ‘why’ of flavor, and you will learn how the flavors you taste in cupping transfer to the espresso and other coffees you drink every day.

Courses start at 8am on Saturday 19th October and runs for 1.5 hours depending on class size.

Maximum class size is 6

Course will run at our Cafe and Roastery 129-133 Olsen Ave Labrador

Cafe Menu and Presentation - 24 Aug

Cafe Menu and Presentation Course

A thorough and detailed course that teaches participants how to make every item on a cafe menu as well as serving techniques and cafe terminology. This course will teach participants how to make every cup of coffee on the menu, the history and terminology associated it and serving etiquette.
This course will cover:

How to make popular cafe beverages including: Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Flat White, Chai Latte, Long Black, Macchiato, Mocha and many more.

Proper serving etiquette and presentation.

Quality control and maintaining a clean workstation.

Course length: 3 Hours
Course Location: First Fruits Ashmore
Class Size: 4

It is recommended that participants complete the Intro to Espresso course or have prior knowledge of how to operate an espresso machine and operate commercial grinders.

Course begins at 6pm on the 24th of August at our Espresso Bar - 149 Cotlew St Ashmore

Group discounts available call Dan - 0431631580