Cupping and Sensory Development

This course gives insight into how coffee roasters, baristas and Q graders test and evaluate coffee. You will learn how to taste coffee using methods taught by our Head Roaster - Dan Smith.

Teaching Points

1. Cupping introduction

2. Learning the cupping protocols

3. Cup different coffees and evaluate

4. Taste the same coffee as espresso and learn the difference

Can’t wait to show you the depth of coffee. This course would be a great present for family or friends and there needs be no prior learning. It may be a great course to complete before doing one of our barista modules or if you just want to develop your sensory skills.

Cupping is the wine tasting of coffee, and in this course we will teach you how to truly appreciate the coffee that we all take for granted. Not simply a cupping course, this will take you through the ‘why’ of flavour, and you will learn how the flavours you taste in cupping transfer to the espresso and other coffees you drink every day.

Professional Barista

The course has three levels, and each level runs for three hours. The first time through students will cover all of the basics of being a barista. This includes things like approaching any general café set up and the different equipment. Students will learn to ‘dial in’ coffee and steam the milk, and then pour some beautiful latte art to boot! Among all this, we’ll be sure to teach the other side of the coin: cleaning and maintaining the equipment, and other information that is often overlooked.

Home Barista - Espresso

We are extremely excited to be able to offer you this course. The course does require that you have a home machine and preferably a grinder. Please remember to bring your home machine and grinder with you. We will have one spare home machine available to the first person to book and request it.

On this course, you will learn a range of techniques to enable you to make amazing coffee at home.

Teaching Points

1. Set up your machine correctly

2. Extracting Espresso

3. Texturing Milk

4. Cleaning and Maintenance

If required, please send an email to our trainer to ensure that we have spare machines or grinders available as required.

Similar to the professional barista, but focused on the unique set ups of home machines. Students can bring their own equipment and we will teach you how to get the best coffee out of it! Highly recommended for people who feel like they can’t make a good coffee on their machine at home, we will certainly surprise you.

Latte Art

Purely focused on learning to pour some beautiful latte art, we can teach everything from beginners to advanced techniques in both free pouring and etching.