**Flash Sale** Barista Courses LVL 1 & 2

**Flash Sale** Barista Courses LVL 1 & 2

140.00 200.00

Usually $200 we have combined our 2 courses for a limited time and are offering them back to back.

This is the first time we have offerd this price. We are excited to launch them as we begin to grow and expand our coffee training school.

Learn how to operate the cafe and make the coffee menu

This course goes for half a day and you will learn everything from the dialling in the grind to milk texturing and latte art. You’ll also learn how to make all the coffee on the coffee menu.

This is a great value course usually costing $200

Level 1, 2.5 - 3 hours Usually $100pp

On this course we set the foundations for making espresso based beverages.

Teaching Points

  • History of coffee, growing regions and coffee processing

  • Components of a coffee machine

  • Dosing a coffee handle

  • Dialling in the grind

  • Basic milk texturing

  • Maintenance and end of day close

  • Workflow and cafe work

Level 2 , 2.5 - 3 hours Usually $100pp

On this course we really get stuck into how to make the different types of coffee that customers order.

  • Work through the coffee menu

  • Coffee vessel selection

  • Workflow and cafe work- we go a bit deeper into the workflow aspect of how to make multiple beverages quickly and efficiently

Course Date 27th April. Other dates are available check out our training calendar

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