WELCOME to First Fruits Coffee! Lets make amazing coffee together!


Coffee training is something that is incredibly important to us. We are in the process of launching online training that will be made available to all cafe’s using First Fruits Coffee.

With higher quality coffee making it tasty and consistent becomes easy. Customers want tasty and consistent!

We have an online ordering system which allows you to order anytime you need. Coffee is shipped on Mondays and Thursdays and will arrive ready to use.

 Thank you for inquiring about our wholesale coffee

The coffee you use can really make or break your cafe.

Our coffee is in the top 2% of coffee in the world which is why we are called Specialty Coffee. We also won’t charge you ridiculous prices to use our coffee.

We can ship anywhere in Aus and your shipment will be on its way 3 days a week and will be ready to use when it arrives.

Here’s the deal

  1. $26 per kg + Shipping (usually $30+)

  2. You run a promotion at your cafe to give away free coffee to make your customers love your new coffee and we will give you that coffee for free. This usually works well over a weekend or even for a week’s trade. We can finalize those details before your first order.

  3. This offer is limited and only available to up until we meet our KG quota.

We would absolutely love to have you apart of the First Fruits family!

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If you are wanting a coffee machine we have great connections within the industry and can allow you access to special pricing.